The hidden benefits of taking on an apprentice as an SME

Start-ups and SMEs may feel under pressure, or confined by their workloads, especially a start-up which booms and needs to take action to rapidly expand in order to meet demand.

Having appropriately trained staff is a must but apprentices shouldn’t be brushed aside without thought. As it happens, the benefits of taking on an apprentice as an SME could outweigh the costs involved in taking on an experienced member of staff.

There are a number of ‘hidden’ benefits that apprentices can bring to an SME that a larger corporate organisation wouldn’t have the same experience of:

Grow your perfect employee from the start

It’s no secret that the best employees are individuals who believe in the business and the work they are carrying out. Bringing in an apprentice during the initial years of a business provides the opportunity to shape the person into the perfect employee for the company.

Within a larger organisation there’s a high possibility that an apprentice will simply get lost in the numbers, delegated to a line manager who is already dealing with existing employees.

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