Telangana Industrial health Clinic to be launched soon

After several delays, the proposed Telangana Industrial Health Clinic (TIHC) is in its final phase of the launch. The TIHC aims to assist in rehabilitation of sick MSMEs in terms of financial needs, technological upgradation as well as logistic requirements.

Talking to KNN, Yerram Raju, Economist and Advisor for the TIHC said that the TICH is being set to help the MSMEs in the region under two possibilities, one being those units who might fall sick and the other set being comprising of units that are already sick

Explaining the concept of TIHC, Raju added that the Clinic will function under four major windows. First window would offer preliminary diagnosis; this service is going to be free for all the associated MSMEs as they too are investing in the formation of the clinic. In this TIHC will diagnose the situation of the unit, also wilful defaulters will be filtered and kept aside. Through this window the TIHC will extend financial support to the manufacturing start-ups who otherwise find it very difficult to avail loans.

The second window is to facilitate the SMEs in going to the equity market. For this purpose the TIHC is collaborating with the NSE and BSE.

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