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B2B-The Real Challenge :

Hi folks, Its time to stick on to the new business trends which is widely spreaded as b2b, b2c and c2c. Among these, b2b seems to be a paramount for every businessmen. Succeeding in a b2b platform is a real challenge to the business giants

 What is B2B?

B2B is an acronym meaning “BUSINESS TO BUSINESS”. B2B is the transaction of various businesses between the business professionals like the manufacturers to whole sellers and vice versa. There are various supply chains involved in a B2B, from the process of buying raw materials to making it as a finished product to sell in the market. As the discussion goes, you can have a clear look and feel knowledge from +Bizbilla - the top Indian b2b portal.

Business in India :

The Business in India goes wider and wider with its brand new spectrum around the world. The main scope in b2b -business to business is the manufacturers, importers, exporters, suppliers, sellers, buyers etc...

 In this track, the  latest scheme “Make In India” becomes a viral and it creates an impact for the business in India  - Lets do (manufacturing) business in India .

Bizbilla - the India b2b portal have wide range of Indian manufacturers, importers, exporters, suppliers, buyers,  sellers, wholesalers ,  whole sellers to disclose your business worldwide. 

Bizbilla- The B2B Giant: 

It is damn sure that  Bizbilla , the b2b giant  will be  claiming an incredible height in the worldwide b2b marketplaces. It registered their own trademark in local and global market places with its unique b2b features. The main reasons to pin on bizbilla is that 

With the free b2b membership of bizbilla, you can 

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