Steps To Develop An IoT Hardware For SMEs

If your small or medium sized company wants to develop an IoT hardware device or adapt one of your existing product for IoT, it doesn’t necessarily have to be hard. Just as long as you follow the following steps.

1. Define your service value

The true value of an IoT device is in its handling of data in a way that benefits the life of the user. This services value is of more importance than the device itself, many projects fail when they focus only on making a product ‘rather’ than considering real value it offers.

As the old adage goes Adding some sensors and making an app, does not a smart device make. The beginning point should always be the pain point that this device will be designed to alleviate through the data collected.

2. Define Your Device

From data, start to think about the product itself and the gap in the market for a device of this type. Ask yourself the following questions:

* What is the purpose of your product?

* What problem does it solve?

* What is the benefit of your product (a.k.a. life having your product vs. life without the product)?

* What is the primary function?

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