Six ways SMEs can avoid mistakes when recruiting

With a staggering 5.5m businesses in the UK and 99 per cent of these being classed as SMEs (employing 0-249 people), it is vital these companies avoid mistakes when recruiting.

The overall cost of employing the wrong person and finding a replacement is worryingly high, with a 2014 Oxford Economics Report highlighting the loss of an employee on £25,000 a year carries an average financial impact of £30,614. This is costly for a growing business, so it helps to know how to avoid mistakes when recruiting.

There are several factors to take into consideration before you make that final decision. It is vital for SMEs to recruit for the talent that a candidate brings and also for their ability to support future growth of the company. Both of these can be achieved by avoiding common mistakes when recruiting, and instead following these six tips.

1) Look for a balance between autonomy and following processes

Working for a growing SME often involves a need for autonomy as it is essential that a candidate can cope with the level of independence required. Likewise, they will need to be able to adapt and follow the processes already in place in order for the business to achieve steady growth.

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