Sales Strategies For SMEs

Getting into business is easy, selling is difficult. Business is about generating revenues and cash flows. If you can sell, you cannot be in business.

In business, only the right story wins the sales deal. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the best financial results are obtained when a good marketing strategy meets an equally efficient sales strategy.

Marketing and sales teams must work together. The alignment of marketing strategies to sales efforts is key for organisational success.
Today we engage in a conversation to help small business grow their sales and marketing capability.

Have a clear marketing strategy

The primary role of marketing is to create a support structure on which the sales effort will be built. Without a marketing plan, it will be difficult to generate sales. Marketing strategy deals with how your business intends to generate sales leads.

Your marketing strategy must deal with issues of customer relationship management, and the marketing strategy must be simple, effective and easily implementable. Here are a few tools one can use as marketing tools.

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