How SMEs can benefit from the digital wave?

How can SMEs harness the digital wave to their advantage?
Issues discussed at the SME Centre Conference 2017 centred around how SMEs can utilize digital to transform the business and improve people and resource management.
Jointly organized by the SME Centres and supported by SPRING Singapore, the conference focused on how SMEs can transform their businesses to embrace today’s fast changing business climate,
Benefitting from the digital wave
Technology has many apparent benefits, from better organization and archiving of information and data, to automating and streamlining procedures and processes, which are highly beneficial with the looming labour shortage in Asia.
“Transformation isn’t easy. It is complicated and expensive,” said Arrif Zaiaudeen, CEO of The Chope Group Pte Ltd. “Many factors need to happen together for transformation to happen, and all of them won’t happen at the same time.”
When asked about the top two pieces of advice he can give, Zaiaudeen brought up perseverance and timing. ”Time it right so that all the right trends are coming in at the same time. Timing is everything.” he said.

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