Expo 2020 Dubai Offering Opportunity For SMEs

Representatives of small and medium enterprises, SMEs, will get a chance to showcase their firms to procurement staff from Expo 2020 Dubai.

The first in a series of Meet the Buyers events will take place on 10th May in Dubai, where SMEs can gain valuable insight into the process of awarding billions of dirhams worth of contracts and sub-contracts in their sector, then meet the people face to face who will be deciding on the deals.

Expo 2020 Dubai is committed to supporting the SME sector across the region as part of its plans for a long-lasting economic legacy. Last year, it announced that 20 percent of direct and indirect spend for the Expo, representing AED5 billion in contracts, would be awarded to SMEs.

This year alone, more than AED11 billion in construction contracts and a further AED360 million in non-construction contracts will be awarded by Expo 2020 Dubai, more than AED 2 billion of which will be passed on to SMEs over the course of the deals.

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