5 SME marketing trends for 2017

Marketing is an ever-changing practice, where adaptation and development can either make or break a business.

Understanding and implementing current marketing trends is crucial to success, as it allows business owners to stay at the top of their respective industry and ensures objectives are achieved.

Below are some key current technological trends to keep in mind when putting together your marketing plan.

1. Native and live videos

Video-based advertising campaigns are now the new frontier of product promotion. With videos flooding the feeds of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users worldwide, marketers need to adapt and evolve with this trend. Video is now on track to be the answer to many business goals this year, whether you’re looking to increase customer reach, leads or sales.

Short videos, particularly those that are part of a series have become popular among audiences as they are easy to digest. Livestreaming and 360 degree videos have both been successful as the immersive experiences enable customer engagement. It’s crucial to integrate videos in all marketing campaigns as they connect with online customers immediately and the message is often a lot more memorable than static words in a newsfeed.

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