Why MSMEs Should Leverage Peers And Tap The Network To Solve Problems

A fast-evolving business environment and rapidly-changing customer requirements have made on-the-job learning and skill upgradation a necessity for SMEs and MSMEs like never before. 

When you are stuck in a situation, like a customer site and need an immediate advice - who would you fall back upon for immediate support? Option A - enroll for a three-month course, Option B - search for an expert or Option C - call a close friend/ peer nearby? 

More often than not you will go for Option C, that is, trusting combined wisdom of your friends more than an expert. Experts tend to overawe, have a smaller set of examples or case studies to offer, are largely tunnel visioned, tend to be more generic and often quote from unrelated examples. Peers on the other hand, are more approachable. They offer multiple views and actual real life users' contextual case studies and are more direct and precise. Quora and Wikipedia are excellent examples of how peers come together and contribute openly. 

So, if you are an MSME where each paisa counts, you should seriously look at exploring and establishing peer-based collaborative learning models as a predominant practice to plug the performance gaps and be judicious about the experts that you hire. Moving on to another important discussion point, at the heart of a good collaborative learning approach lies the network, so what about the network? 

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