CII Tech Expo in Madurai

Speakers at the second edition of the tech-expo, organised by the CII, here have appealed to entrepreneurs - big and small - to come together in promoting Madurai as an industrial city. “Let us look at Madurai beyond trade and tourism,” the speakers stressed.

At the inaugural session, industrialist and former CII (southern region) chairman Karumuttu T. Kannan said that rapid changes were taking place around the globe. In USA, new laws are being laid for immigrants. Getting green card and visas are going to be difficult. In such a scenario, sectors like IT may face tough times ahead. ”We have to re-engage and face these challenges. CII like organisations shall monitor developments and act decisively, which would help our industry to realign,” he suggested.

The captains of industry should look at traditional manufacturing industry as they were more reliable, in the sense, there were not external factors as in the case of IT sector, Mr. Kannan said and added that colleges had to wake up to changes. With the government’s “Make in India” campaign, there were great opportunities unfolding for not only engineering graduates, but for those in arts and science colleges as well. All that the students had to focus is to have a command on language.

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