CIBRC to assess pesticides usage every 10 years

According to a source, The Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIB&RC) will ask the companies to come up with an assessment report regarding the utility of chemicals used in making pesticides after 10 years of granting licence to pesticides companies for commercial production. However, the committee will thoroughly evaluate the report and may also undertake its own study to determine the use of any pesticide.

This move may prompt pesticides companies to prepare for alternatives as a sudden ban can affect their business as well as crops. The issue was discussed in detail at a meeting of CIBRC a few months back after some formulations were banned. However, since the matter was not there on the agenda of the meeting specifically, a decision could not be taken. There have been demands for a ban on pesticides, which are seen as causing cancer, but the government is liberal on their usage since they also protect crops from pests and diseases.

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