10 Things To Know When Raising A Series A Funding

Most startups, even those who get angel funding or seed-stage funding or investments from accelerators/incubators, are unable to get follow-on funding. Why is Series-A funding so elusive?

The first time that a startup raises capital is normally called a ‘seed round’. Other names include angel round or HNI round.   Some even call it a pre-Series A round, but this term usually refers to a small interim fundraising exercise between the seed round and Series A.

1: Be Series A Ready

If you are looking to raise a Series A, it might be a good idea to get familiar with what venture funds looks for to ascertain if your company is Series A ready. Promising unit economics, revenue, proof of business model, systems ready to support efficient scaling, product/market fit, customer acquisition strategy and success, quality of team are some key factors that are taken generally taken into consideration and it is wise to evaluate where you company stands against these metrics to figure if you are ready for Series A.

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