Why Google Analytics & Webmaster Tool Is Important For Business?

Whatever business you do, may it a B2B, B2C or any other type of business, it is important to have analytics & SEO tool namely Google Analytics & Webmaster for your website.

You may have a question why is it that much important?

The answer is here. In simple terms, Google Analytics enable the businesses to monitor the performance of their website from the perspective of marketing & traffic while webmaster tool enable to monitor the performance of their website in technical perspective. With these tools, you will able to measure your Return on investment ROI and capture more leads for your business.

Hope as a business owner you know how important it is to know about the performance of your website and SEO strategy as it is the prediction of the success of your website and marketing efforts. In this case, it is essential for businesses to know clearly about both these tools for reaping out the benefits.

Here is a clear explanation about Google Analytics & Webmaster tools which is useful for digital marketing analysis.

Google Analytics:-

Google Analytics is a tool that tracks the website and give real time reports based on the audience, acquisition, behavior & conversions. It checks and reports website’s traffic, technologies used, site speed, traffic sources, conversions and sales. You can sort out the visitors by geo-specific location and demographics through this.

It is the analytics about the visitors of your website, through which source they find your website, the information or thing visitors prefer in your website, the activities of the visitors from their arrival still their departure and at the end, lead conversions can be clearly predicted by this tool.

Google Webmaster Tool:-

Google Webmaster tool which is now termed as “Google Search Console” monitors and maintains the website performance in technical aspects. You can know the way Google crawls your website, URLs (External and internal links) indexed by Google, the search keywords that made the visitors to visit your website or among that keywords which has brought in more traffic, technical & security issues, Googlebot crawling issues and statistics & structure of your website on the whole.

It helps you to optimize the content, URL, image, video search and mobile search of your website.

Both these tools must be used to monitor the performance of the website completely. Hence, it is important for businesses to make use of the same for bringing in more visitors thereby generate more leads and improve website’s performance.

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