Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

The social media is becoming trending than ever and is influencing the business very much where a businessmen could buy and sell their business online via social media.

Social networking forums are the best way to get connected with target audience and understand their specific needs. Today we have enormous social media marketing tools that enable us to share information about our service and get instant feedbacks about business.

A survey depicts that 94% of marketer’s find increasing brand awareness via social media marketing. Nowadays, sales via social platform is gaining popularity.  The top social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have come up with buy buttons which enables the marketers to track sales directly.

Mobile users can shop their desired product online. Think periscope, instagram, snapchat are the trending social medias that enables user to view and upload live videos to have a lively experience.

Online publishing platforms like instant articles and in-post search engines will make great impression in upcoming days. More and more social apps will be evolving enabling users to get all their needs satisfied and give marketers an opportunity to interact with their target market leading to a rise in mobile and ecommerce market.

The other upcoming new social networks include Ello which provide ad-free social network that is being “owned” by advertisers, Yik Yak which focuses on unidentified post exchanges on physically adjacent people and Tsu which offers revenue sharing on popular posts.

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