How to book banners in Bizbilla?

The biggest B2B marketplace Bizbilla enables you to book banners in home page, country page, city page and also to book bulk banners in the city pages. Banner Advertising will make you to get recognized by worldwide business persons and enable you to stand unique among the huge competitors. It is a powerful way to promote your business, products and services or brands online. You can book banner in Bizbilla home page at Rs. 2500, country home page at Rs.2500, city home page at Rs.1500 and bulk banners in city pages at Rs.2000 (Minimum 1000 banners).

When you display your advertisements banners to the target audience you will get the attention of global visitors. You can create inventive banners to improve the brand awareness and obtain more visitors. Banner will be linked to a business website which redirects to the site when it is clicked. They are graphic based pictures with text or image either in normal or animated form which is available in different size and shapes. See to that tag line you add in the banner impresses the viewers.

Booking banners in Bizbilla, the leading B2B portal is simple and cost effective. Create banner in the type, shape and size that you need using the excellent template options. You can choose and add suitable width, height, image and text for your banner. They are available both in Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. You can modify the banner size, background, image and text with the customization options. It provides built-in site optimization service for your banner Ads.

You can book bulk banners by providing number of banners, suggesting respective category, country and city and finally upload banner. Book banner in Bizbilla for obtaining global visibility and increase the number of visitors.

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