Telecom Products In Bizbilla

Telecommunication is mode of communication through which information over significant distances are conveyed by means of electronic signals or electromagnetic waves. In our day to day life telecommunication plays a vital role. Visual signals such as smoke signal and beacons were used initially and later audio messages like drumbeats and horns were used for communicating within a short distance.

First telecommunication medium used for long distance communication is the telegraph which reaches the concerned person faster than posts. Major types of telecom products include radio, telephone, television, mobile phones, computer and Internet. Technological improvement has lead to the invention of many telecom devices. Electrical and electronic technologies are used for the communication which is carried out for a long distance.

Transmitter, transmission medium and receiver are the three main properties involved in the telecommunication system. To build their global business several companies have used telecommunications as a medium. There are two types of communication signals namely analog signals in which signal varies according to the information and digital signals in which information is encoded.

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