Bizbilla provides Ministry and departments information

Ministry is a specialized organization reliable for a sector government public administration, it is mostly lead by a minister or a senior public servant. It can have an authority for one or more department, agencies, bureaus, commissions or other smaller policy making, advisory, managerial or administrative organization. Ministry and departments are similar to each other. 

Ministers are usually associated with the cabinet and prime minister, president or chancellor. A government will usually have many ministries, each with a differentiated field of furnishing public service. National ministries differ to a great extent between countries, but some of the departments are common in every country such as Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health. provides information about all countries ministries and their activities in global database page. It also gives complete information about ministries and guidance for businesses for a individual countries. Bizbilla provides complete information of government policies and all commercial information. Information about ministry and departments are updated in for the convenience of business experts in all countries.   

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