Access your Country Profile in Bizbilla Global Database

Country profile is a catalogue which is used to find the resources of individual countries. The resources includes entire information such as natural resources, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, population, political, economics, tourism, industries and many other fundamentals details of all countries. You can find all these information in a single b2b portal which holds global database. provides you a huge global database. It has information beyond our imagination. Global database has information about embassies and high commissions, consulates, country profiles, banks and branches, chamber of commerce, hotels & resorts, ministry & departments, trade associations, trade magazines, trade organizers, travel agencies, cargo & freight forwarders, company directories, auditor details, visa details, airport & seaport, HS Code, Countries’ currencies, courier companies, country maps, postal departments, trade centers, top billionaires, banned products, SME associations etc. Global database consists of all the above information of country profiles about 250 countries.

Especially country profile is a large database that incorporates the information like country background and geography which consists of land boundaries, coastline, climate conditions, terrain, elevation extremes, natural resources, land use, natural hazards and more. It covers the people and society data such as ethnic groups, religions and more. Government details comprises of administrative divisions, constitution, legal system, national symbols, suffrage, international organisation participation and more. Global database encompasses of GDP, labour force, unemployment rate, taxes, budget surplus, inflation rate, stock of domestic credit, exchange rates etc. Global database also includes database of the country's energy, communications, transportation, military, transnational issues and more.

The country profile of Bizbilla is a complete data bank of a country which would be useful for business professionals, researchers and students.   

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