B2B classifieds services in bizbilla-India’s largest b2b portal

The classifieds plays a vital role in all the business like b2b, b2c, c2c etc… 

Among them, the B2B Classifieds plays a vital role in the business marketing.

In b2b classifieds, we have a wide range exposure under the relevant category in a structured form. Bizbilla.com a leading b2b portal released the much needed online b2b classifieds for all type of business which are connected with the local, international and the worldwide business markets. The businessman can post their products by selecting appropriate country, region and city. B2B classified services are provided to the registered member of bizbilla.com.

Bizbilla b2b Classifieds are introduced with a motive to support the small scale industries, medium scale industries and the large scale industries. Bizbilla offers wide range of b2b classifieds options for all the SSI, MSI and LSIs.

There are two main wings in the bizbilla classifieds such as


Basic b2b classifieds services that are offered by bizbilla.com includes

Free membership,

HTML5 web page with responsive design,

Content Management System Tool,

Review writing in web pages, Google map,

URL customization with paid membership

Web promotion that enables businessmen to reach business,



A verified b2b classified member can post their products along with images and videos.

They will receive a verified seal from bizbilla.com.

Business experts can promote their products and business globally by the means of  best b2b classifieds of bizbilla.com.

Bizbilla b2b classifieds permits businessmen to have control over their business.

It enables business professionals to surf b2b classifieds of a particular region, city and country and also provides opportunities to refine your search based on country and ratings.

The b2b Classifieds that are exposed can be accessed at anytime.

Verified seal that are offered to the members helps them to acquire millions of genuine buyers on the basis of trust. 

These facilities enable large scale businesses to earn more profit.

      To the final note, Post your business in bizbilla b2b classifieds and get instant enquiries.

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